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Nothing inspires me more than to see people who are truly passionate about what they do, following their dreams, and having the ability to engage people. Again, thank you for what you shared with me and all the others today! You delivered extra drive to our everyday life! I am challenged and inspired. Participant, Line Thorsen, Sandnes kommune. It’s all about communication! says Synneva… Synneva Erland is among Norway’s leading motivational speakers. She has performed on many different stages throughout her career. From the age of 4 she provided theater for the family at home, and recently sang on an international stage in Bali for almost 1,500 people from 90 different countries. Synneva has a passion for topics such as dignity, trust, honesty and ethical issues. She gives a lot of herself and has a gift for motivating and engaging the audience. As a trained singer and actress Synneva often enhances her lectures and courses with material from her artistic repertoire.  BACKGROUND Synneva Erland is a communications expert; she gives courses and lectures, and has a background as a vocalist, actress, theatrical director and teacher. Her company Synneva Erland Communication created Norsk lederkonferanse (The Norwegian Management Conference) together with the company Norsk Ledelse. She recently became an associated partner in Holtskog, which is a big communication company in Oslo. She is also certificated as a member of the FuelTeam in the international company Fuelbox. In addition, she is Project Manager at Jæren Produktvikling’s program Mind Your Own Business (MYOB), which is a complete training course for entrepreneurs who are not of Norwegian origin. TV Vest have regularly used Synnevas expertise in communication for the program Arena. Synneva has been a regular blogger in the local newspaper Jærbladet, she is strongly engaged in social media and she has been highlighted as one of the eight major twitter poets in Norway. For the past six years Synneva has been a volunteer tutor at Global Dignity Day, she has been deeply involved in the Strømmestiftelsen worldwide aid project Jobbskaper, which funds and advices start-up companies in the third world. VIDEO INTERVIEW EneWe – has given an extencive interview with Synneva Erland Kommunikasjon. Here you can hear the whole story: Ethics or business? Enerwe, Synneva Erland Kommunikasjon See detailed CV on: Linkedin

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