Synneva Erland Communication created The Norwegian Management Conference together with June Kristin Lima Bru from Norsk ledelse. Synneva Erland kommunikasjon delivers content to conferences nationally and internationally.

I support people who want something and who challenge us, especially entrepreneurs – such as Synneva Erland and her Norwegian Management Conference, which I’ll join and support! @Anita Krohn Traaseth former CEO at HP Norway.

Nordic Edge 2016

Nordic Edge is aiming to become one of the world’s largest technical- and smart city conferences. Synneva Erland Communications was in 2016 happy to be part of this great team by being the moderator of the session called Green Living. We were also very happy about the kind words from the Program Director, Kristin Hetland, after the job was accomplished:

Thank you very much for doing a fantastic job with high quality and professionality! You were an important contribution to Nordic Edge.

ONS 2016

ONS is one of the worlds largest oil- and gas conferences with almost 90.000 participants each time. In 2016 Synneva Erland Communications held the speech “Idea refinement and funding” at the Techical session, and got very good response afterwards. Erland was also the moderator at the same session. Challenging, but very engaging!


ICOLD is an annual international conference about large dams and dam engineering. Over 90 countries are members, and there are between 1000 and 2000 participant at the conference every year.  In 2015 Stavanger was the host city for ICOLD. Synneva Erland Communications delivered several products as a Project Manager for Closing dinner: responsible for the program and finding artists, and also being the Master of Ceremonies beside being one of the artists herself. A big opportunity to show a variety of skills.


Synneva Erland Communication is the founder of The Norwegian Management Conference together with June Kristin Lima Bru in the company Norsk ledelse. They take responsibility for the entire event. They have created a strong and pioneering conference that focusses on ethics, leadership and communication. The Norwegian Management Conference: Norsk lederkonferanse.


Synneva Erland has been host many times for both small and large meetings up to 6,000 attendies. She has a gift for engaging an audience. During Jærnåttå 2013, Synneva introduced both Kim Larsen and Kaizers Orchestra to the stage. At the International Congress Icold Bali 2014 she sang at the Farewell Dinner for almost 1,500 people from 90 different countries. Synneva works in full cooperation with the client, she tailors presentations to individual requirements ensuring appropriate content.


Synneva Erland has extensive experience in organizing meaningful  and well-functioning programs for both small and large events. Her education at the Conservatory of Music has enabled her to optimise any event program. “My work has a lot to do with dynamics, dramaturgy and music” says Synneva. “One must know when the audience needs to calm down, and how to build up to the big highlights”. In addition to great knowledge of program planning, Synneva has also a very large network among both cultural personalities, presenters and performers of various genres.

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