Synneva Erland Communication offers a range of topics including motivation, culture and values. Through speeches, reflections and discussions, participants become aware of the way they communicate with others. How do you communicate with yourself and with others?

This is the best seminar I have ever attended – The opportunity to discuss in syndicates as well as the entire group. Thank you for a very good course!


“It’s all about communication”
How can you raise awareness and develop your own communication? What exactly is communication?
Participants explore the diverse world of communication. Why the quality of communication can determine success.

“Trust and honesty in communication”
What is trust? How to achieve trust? How do you communicate trust and honesty?
Awareness and reflections with a dilemma-workshop that gives the participants relevant topics to deal with in syndicates as well as the entire group.

“Watch, listen, lift each other up! – Teambuilding and values”
What is a cooperating culture? How are the company values viewed in the daily thinking and routine of the employees? We go deep into how the culture in a company is today, what is good and what should be changed. An important element here are the discussions and reflections in groups. Everyone should be included in the work and everyone has the opportunity to influence the process. We strongly recommend a refresher, so the values are not only beautiful words in a glass frame, but implemented as part of the company’s entire mindset.

“Do we dare to think differently?”
Lecture with workshop that opens your eyes to communication across cultures. Participants are encouraged to reflect on words such as: respect, dignity and cultural differences. How do we communicate in companies with several nationalities? What are the major differences between cultures? Here we use The Hofstede centre‘s tools regarding cultural differences.
This is particularly suitable for companies with a multi-cultural labor force, and companies with a global presence.

“Own the room!”
Examine the presentation skills required, voice techniques and how to be confident in front of your audience. What does take to own the room? In this course, Synneva Erland generously shares her 16 years experience. How to become a better communicator, whether for a large congress or a smaller meeting. Participants gain tools that they can use immediately.

“Does it all starts with a question?”
About curiosity, creativity and innovation. Have faith in yourself and your own ideas. How to open up your own creativity? How to spur innovation.

“Be your own business”
For anyone who dreams of running a business. What is important to consider? How to use social media? Who are you? What is your company?
Set out goals: plans, structure, networking and establish what is required to achieve your dreams.

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