Synneva Erland is among Norway’s leading motivational speakers. All lectures can be enhanced with debates, discussions and workshops.

I have had the pleasure of hearing Synneva Erland on several occasions. Through her involvement, her charming, positive way to present, she conveys useful truths about trust and honesty in communication. Her ability to communicate excites everyone. Wild applause from the audience after the lecture tells you something about her skills!» Toril Rød, leader at Omsorg Sør, Sandnes kommune



“Trust and honesty in communication” What is trust? How to achieve trust? How do you communicate trust and honesty? This lecture was originally made for The Norwegian Management Conference in 2014, and has after that been used several times, also with an engaging workshop on dilemmas. “Determine your direction.” Motivation, inspiration and contemplation. About presence, communication. About navigating for yourself and others. “Watch, listen and lift each other up! – About teambuilding and values What is a cooperating culture? And how is the company’s values established in the daily thinking and routine of the employees? This lecture provides the greatest yield combined with a workshop where the groups defines and discusses these concepts. Refreshers are recommended, so that the values are not only beautiful words in a glass frame, but a part of the entire company’s way of thinking. Do we dare to think differently? – Communication across cultures A lecture that open our eyes and makes us reflect on words like respect, dignity and cultural differences. How do we communicate in companies with several nationalities? How do we customize the various cultures themselves? Particularly suitable for companies with foreign labor. Own the room! Lecture on communication. What is it that makes some “own the room” more than others? How can you raise awareness and develop your own communication? What exactly is communication? Your communications can determine whether you succeed or not. The stage is yours! Lecture on presentation skills, voice techniques and use of Power Point. Here Synneva shares freely from her 16 years of experience on various stages. How to become a better communicator, whether for a large hall or a smaller meeting. The participants gets tools that can be used immediately, and perhaps also some eye-opening experiences? Huh? – It all starts with a question Lecture on curiosity, creativity and innovation. How to have faith in yourself and your own ideas. This lecture was written for the Innovation Camp «Sci Tech Challenge» for Young Entrepreneurship and ExxonMobil, but can also be useful for adults who require knowledge of creative processes. Be your own business Lecture for entrepreneurs or those who have a dream of starting their own business.

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